Summer Infant Babytouch Video Baby Monitor Review

Summer Infant BabytouchThe Summer Infant Babytouch Video Baby Monitor is a portable, lightweight and stylish video monitoring device for babies. This handy device features a 3.5-inch original touch-screen LCD color video display in digital technology, with the option to adjust the brightness, zoom, and pan or scan. Its two-way communication feature enables both a father and a mother to talk or sing to their baby, while they can hear sound from the baby?s room. Of course, this monitoring device isn?t complete without a camera to capture movement of images and audio up to 400 feet range. This camera is wireless optional but can be remoted at any angle and viewed on the included LCD screen or even on TV at daytime and night or low light conditions. It also comes with a battery pack (with battery indicator on screen) for backup in case of power outage. This simply means the video can be plugged on any standard power outlet.

The box of this Summer Infant Video Monitor does not only contain the LCD screen and camera. It also comes with built-in flip stand and belt clip for easy mounting, a magnetic docking station which is also a charging base of battery, and an AC adaptor. ?For the batteries, 4 AA batteries are needed but not included on the package. There is also an option to use 3 more cameras but have to be purchased separately. With the control setting of volume, sound, and lights plus indicator of low batter, parents are able to monitor their babies with convenience and assurance.

Summer Infant Video Baby Monitor

Features and Specifications



  • 2-way talk back and digital technology feature
  • Packed with 3.5-inch touch screen (first ever) LCD color video display and remotely activated camera
  • LCD display has buttons for panning, scanning, zooming, and adjusting brightness and volume, with low battery indicator
  • Super quiet camera is mounted on table with its in-built flip stand, can cover up to 400 feet range even in low light conditions; with a backup battery pack (4 AA batteries required) rechargeable with its included magnetic docking station or charging base
  • With belt clip, AC adaptor, recharger and rechargeable cell battery
  • Constructed in small and sleek but stylish design
  • Camera measures 3 and 1/2-inch long, 3 and 1/2-inch wide and 5-inch high; Touch screen display measures 4 and 1/2-inch long, 4-inch wide, and 4 1/2-inch high
  • Optional USB AV jack for video viewing on TV


Customer Reviews and Ratings



The Summer Infant Babytouch Video Baby Monitor has an unbelievable score of 3.7 out of 5 stars. This result can indicate that half of the users were happy using the device, while the rest were not contended with it. Here are some reviews provided by customers who have used and proven the functionality of this video baby monitor.

For a score of perfect 5, one owner listed the good and the bad of this Summer Infant Video Monitor. The good ones included the pan and tilt feature, infrared view, range, audio capability, sound lights, and the docking base. The bad features were the single setting of the zoom feature and interference with WiFi connectivity and other wireless networks.

One mother who owned this Summer Infant Monitor also rated it 5. She and her husband thought it?s a good monitoring device for them as they?re able to check on their boys. She was happy with the item?s camera, color quality and portability.

With a 4 out of 5 score, this next user also listed the pros and cons of Summer Infant Baby Touch. He liked the clarity of sound, battery and its indicator, scanning feature, easy-to-touch monitor, intercom feature, adjustable camera and the flip stand. What he didn?t like were the video quality which was not that high definition, docking station because it?s too magnetic with the monitor, and the placement of the power button and talk button which was mistakenly pressed. Click here to read more customer reviews??

Overall, this Summer Infant Video Monitor would be a good investment. It can definitely monitor a baby at an impressive range, clear sound and live footage of movement. However, the quality of the image may be the drawback once it is compared with other video baby monitors.

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