Samsung SEW3030 Video Baby Monitor Review

Samsung SEW3030Featuring a two-way communication technology, the Samsung SEW3030 Video Baby Monitor is manufactured that allows a user to speak, or even sing, from the monitor to the camera. A user, mostly a parent, won?t only get to see live feed of his or her baby but also to communicate or make a sound. From the end of the monitor viewer, he or she is able to hear the baby and other noise in the baby?s room. In fact, it has a room temperature sensor and alarm built with it too for maximum security. Another feature is that the camera has night vision function which can cover up to 10 feet or 3 meters. An included music play of lullabies is an additional tool called the remote music activation that can help put a baby to sleep. As a matter of fact, this video monitor for baby has sleep mode as well as remote activated light for night time.

This Samsung Baby Monitor has two primal parts, which are the LCD monitor and the camera. The size of the LCD display monitor is 3.5 inches in high quality color of images. It also has a function to zoom in or zoom out video and view a video playback on a TV or computer. It is easy and simple to set up both camera and monitor. Just place each one on a desk table, cabinet or anywhere and connect it in an instant through Wi-Fi connectivity. Also, the camera is mountable not only on table but also wall.

Samsung Video Baby Monitor

Features and Specifications



  • Highlight a two-way communication technology ?and wireless connectivity
  • Includes a 3.5-inch color LCD display and a camera with night vision function up to 10 feet (3 meters)
  • Built with music (lullaby) play functions, video and audio output, room temperature sensor, alarm, remote music activation with 4 preloaded lullabies, remote activated night light, automatic sleep mode with audio detection
  • Mount camera on tables or walls with 2x digital zoom; Expandable for up to 4 cameras; With night vision capability
  • Video is viewable on TV and from anywhere in the world through computer via Skype, with the use of the USB port
  • With 2.4 GHZ frequency hop technology for interference free reception from other devices
  • Manufactured in sleek, modern design, portable and lightweight
  • Adjustable temperature range from minimum to maximum degree with optional alarm activated for out of range case


Customer Reviews and Ratings



Many customers have given their reviews about the functionality, reliability and durability of the Samsung SEW3030 Video Baby Monitor. From the hundreds of users who gave their own testimonies, the average score generated is 3.4 out of 5.

Let?s start with a few owners of this video baby monitor who scored it perfect 5. One parent said there?s uncertainty whether to buy the product or not because of the price. It?s a bit more expensive than most video monitors for baby. This parent had no regret buying it because there were great features discovered and proven. One of them is its easy setup and quick usage. This monitoring device also produces ?excellent image quality? even during low light conditions or no lights at all. The entire unit is also portable and lightweight, while the zoom feature is another advantage. The cons claimed is the temperature monitor which is not accurate.

Another user said almost the same things regarding the advantages of this video baby monitor. The difference it makes from this review is that the user had nothing wrong to say against the product.

2 out of 5 score was given by one user of this Samsung Baby Monitor. She said her husband didn?t like the monitoring system at all. There?s issue with the trigger alert because it kept them awake all night.

Someone also gave the same star rating but it?s not about the functionality of the different parts of the product. It?s about the shipment because the Samsung SEW3030 didn?t work when it?s unpacked out of its package. This owner also didn?t get the service and customer support he needed. Click here to read more customer reviews??

Overall, this Samsung Baby Monitor would be a great buy. It has features that can help parents monitor their baby during at night or even at daytime. It has audio and video at the same time to keep track of what?s going on with the baby while sleeping.

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