Playtex Nurser Breast Pump Review

Playtex NurserThe Playtex Nurser Breast Pump is a breast pump that?s sold at an affordable price. It?s one of the breast pumps that uses a closed milk collection system. This system is commonly known and used for hospital grade breast pumps. As of these days, a lot of manufacturing companies, like Playtex, that sell personal breast pumps commercially have adopted the same system. That is to provide mothers the assurance of non-contamination for milk supply and expressing, which is the same idea Playtex has. Moving on, this particular breast pump is lightweight and portable. The size of the breast pump kit is just right ? not too small, large enough or very bulky. You can take it with you even outside home, be it at work or anywhere.

The Playtex Nurser features Soft Comfort massaging breast cups. They are manufactured with dual action massage and suction that have been proven to allow mothers to produce more milk. The entire kit also has soft air cushions included which can minimize the stretching and tugging of nipples. This is beneficial for moms who do not want to experience pain and soreness from pumping. Easy to assemble and clean are other highlights of this Playtex Breast Pump. Since it?s a double breast pump, a mom is allowed to pump both breasts at the same time for maximum efficiency. This can be ideal for caring and loving moms as they can use it every single day at home and anywhere.

Playtex Breast Pump

Features and Specifications



  • Soft comfort massaging breast cups to help mothers in expressing more milk
  • Works well with the Playtex drop-ins
  • Suction strength can be adjusted to three different levels by twisting the dial
  • Uses a closed milk collection system for prevention of milk contamination
  • Minimizes nipple tugging and stretching
  • Easy to carry and store in a traveling bag


Customer Reviews and Ratings



Mothers who have tried using the Playtex Nurser Breast Pump absolutely have some to share. A lot of them agreed how reliable the features of this breast pump are. For them, it was relatively cheaper compared with other higher-end, more expensive breast pumps. Many users also liked the way the breast pump?s breast cups do in both massaging and suction. They were very impressed on how much milk production could be stimulated from it.

One specific mother said she preferred the Playtex Nurser more than anything when she tried using it. It?s portable and did not emit such loud noises, unlike other breast pumps.

Another user said that she found this breast pump to be durable. As a matter of fact, she had been using hers almost 4 times a day and still claimed to use it for quite some time now.

Despite these seemingly great stories, the Playtex Double Electric Breast Pump also has a few downsides, according to other customers. One of them said that the breast pump?s collection bottles tended to spill milk when tilted. She had encountered it a lot of times either she would transfer milk or when her baby would use it.

There was another mom who was kind of unhappy of using it. She testified that sometimes she?d have trouble positioning the pump on her breasts. When they?re in the wrong position, milk might spill out and that did not happen for one time only.

So far, the ratings of this Playtex breast pump given by customers are a mix of high and low scores. Some gave as high as 4 and 4.5 out of 5. Those who rated it very low came up with 2 to 3 but there?s also a few who gave 1. Click here to read more customer reviews??

Based on the reviews by mothers, this Playtex Breast Pump could or could not be a good purchase. For the price alone, it?s somewhat risky to consider when you hear negative comments about people who have claimed to use it. There are other products that may top that. However, there are other breast pumps too that have more issues when compared to this Playtex electric breast pump. Generally, the performance of this pump is highly comparable with other breast pumps that are more expensive. If most complaints reported were only about the noise and the use of the bottle, those are common problems made by other brands too. Probably, the best thing you should try doing is to make a list of choices, including this breast pump by Playtex, and compare each one of them to see which is better in terms of performance and advantages. It would be a good and fair way for you to select a breast pump you can rely on for regular breastfeeding.

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