Philips Avent Video Baby Monitor Review

Philips AventPacked with a camera, screen, belt clip, quick start guide and user manual, the Philips Avent Video Baby Monitor would be an ideal monitoring device parents are looking for to check on their baby. This is designed for day and night baby monitoring as it comes with technology that promises a clear picture of images. In fact, it has infrared night vision for a much convenient view at night or during low light conditions. From close up to 500 feet, the 2.4-inch high-resolution color video screen enables parents to view their baby with clarity and satisfaction. The screen also features an automatic activation once noise is detected. The camera, which is a baby?s unit, is designed in a ball style that enables capturing image from up to down and left to right.

This Philips Avent Baby Monitor is not only to plainly see a baby from its portable screen through the camera. It also lets a user monitor the level of noise with its light indicator, adjust the volume and brightness, play one of the 3 built-in lullabies, and carry the parent?s unit (screen) anywhere as it comes with belt clip. This video baby monitor from Philips also features a frequency of 2.4 GHz that can automatically search connection with security and less interference.

Philips Video Baby Monitor

Features and Specifications



  • The box contains cordless 2.4-inch color video screen in high resolution (parent?s unit) and a digital camera (baby?s unit), with belt clip, a user manual, and a quick-start guide
  • Provides automatic activation of screen after noise is detected, volume control, brightness adjustment, and music play function (3 lullabies stored in the unit)
  • Built with 2.4 GHz frequency for security
  • With infrared night vision and adjustable camera from up to down and left to right
  • Detects noise with light indicator that shows noise level on the screen
  • Offers a private connection with less interference
  • Captures video up to almost 500 feet


Customer Reviews and Ratings



Almost a hundred of views gave their opinions regarding the functions and features of the Philips Avent Video Baby Monitor. With that said, this video baby monitor generated 3.6 out of 5 stars. It basically indicates that there are mixed reviews provided by customers who have used and tried the product. Here are some of the reviews shared by parents.

It?s the ?best monitor we?ve ever owned?, said by one parent. She scored it a high 5 because they have proven the reliability of the features of this particular device. They had no experience of interference at all, and no complaint about the picture.

Another mother said that she ?was thrilled? with this Philips Avent Baby Monitor when they started using it. It didn?t make them spend a lot of time setting everything without really relying on the user manual. Each unit, especially the screen, was light. which made it easier to carry it wherever they would go in their house. She also liked the infrared night vision feature as it provided clear picture despite the darkness.

This next reviewer is a father who said he ?spent a lot of time reviewing video monitors?. Philips Avent Digital Video Baby Monitor ?is one of the most expensive? that he saw but he thought it might worth every penny. He had set an expectation that this video monitor would be useful for ?at least 4 to 5 years? but so far he was happy with the ?sound and video quality? and how the camera and monitor were designed. He just wished the battery life would be much longer.

There were also some parents who gave low scores because of some issues they have discovered with this Philips Video Baby Monitor. One example was a review with 1 out of 5 score only. The parent who gave this review said she was disappointed to see that ?the lights go on and off?, ?glowing red lights on the camera? and also ?giant green bright light?. She also complained about the alarm that indicated an out of range audio, which kept on making noises from time to time. Click here to read more customer reviews??

Overall, this Philips Avent Baby Monitor would be a good product to buy and use. Parents can definitely rely on this monitoring device because it produces clear and quality images with audio that is adjustable and infrared night vision. The only thing to deal with by parents is the battery life which has to be checked and changed regularly.

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