Maclaren Twin Triumph Double Stroller Review

Maclaren Twin TriumphThe Maclaren Twin Triumph Double Stroller is the stroller for twins and even for non-twins. It certainly accommodates two babies as long as they do not exceed the suggested maximum weight which is 110 pounds.? Both seats of this stroller are made to be comfortable as they are padded and reclined. What?s more interesting is that the seats can be positioned in 5 ways. Each seat has 5-point harness that can secure both babies even if the parent runs or jogs. It also offers the 2 independent square hoods that cover baby passengers against the sun?s UV rays. There is also a UV protective viewing windows for the parent.

Controlling the stroller is not difficult because of the all-wheel suspension. It features 6 double sets of wheels with locks and linked brakes. The handle grip is another part of the stroller that provides smooth ride with powerful steering control. The reinforced chassis is also a safety feature that is included.

With an approximate weight of 23 pounds and made of aluminum frame, this Maclaren Double Stroller is easy to use. It can fit through any standard doorway as well. To add more, this is designed to be foldable in just one quick step.

Maclaren Double Stroller

Features and Specifications



  • A stroller for two babies and for mothers on-the-go
  • Attached with 2 padded seats for 5 seat reclining positions with 5-point harnesses for security
  • Consists of 6 double sets of wheels with locks
  • Includes a reinforced chassis, linked brakes as well as 2 independent square hood covers and UV protective viewing windows
  • Accommodates 2 babies of a total weight of 110 pounds
  • Easy to use, fold and store because of its side-by-side design
  • Made of high performance aluminum frame
  • Fits through a standard door
  • Weighs approximately 25 pounds
  • Offered with Sovereign Lifetime Warranty from the manufacturer


Customer Reviews and Ratings



The Maclaren Twin Triumph Double Stroller seems to be a good deal of product to consider for parents who are looking for a stroller for two babies. For some, it has been proven to be a useful and reliable double stroller. Others somewhat disagreed because of the issues they encountered.

One example of a customer?s review is from a parent who made a general checklist of the pros and cons of this Maclaren Double Stroller. The advantages included the lightweight of the stroller, its manoeuvrability, and reliability. One of the cons was that the stroller might not be useful for sand, gravel and other roads that are not smooth and flat. Others enlisted were the attachment of a larger canopy and the hassle of opening or closing it.

A parent of twins gave also her personal review of the stroller. She said it?s a must have for any parents who have twins. It?s compact, light and can provide a good ride. She also added that the harnesses and handle are not a problem. It even fits to the trunk of her car.

This Maclaren Double Stroller is a ?very good stroller?, especially for New Yorkers and ?worth the investment? for one parent. She further explained why. First, it?s lightweight so using it was easy for her. Folding it was not also a problem. Her negative remarks included the plastic latch, and unfit to some doorways. Regardless, she admitted how happy she was with it.

For a parent of 2 and 5-years old, the Maclaren Twin Triumph is a ?great stroller?. Originally, she was not sure to buy it because of how much it cost. That didn?t stop her from buying it and when they used it, it didn?t give them problem for traveling. It was lightweight, fit enough to their car, and most importantly comfortable for their babies. Click here to read more customer reviews??

Overall, this Maclaren Double Stroller would be a good choice. If you are looking for a front 2-seat stroller, this is ideal to have. It has safety and security features added which are the harnesses, brake and chassis. The hoods are also added protection but not enough to cover the babies in case of a sudden rain so you may need to attach a much larger canopy.

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