Lorex LW2003 Video Baby Monitor Review

Lorex LW2003The Lorex LW2003 Video Baby Monitor has some key features to offer. These include secure and free interference with long range digital signal, recording function using microSD, and two-way communication technology. What?s in the box are primarily video monitor screen and camera, which are both operated by rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The video monitor is a 2.4-inch super bright LCD screen in a pocket-sized, portable design. On the other hand, the camera has the function to snap and save photos up to 4000 on its in-built microSD card. Other accessories included are a charging cradle, 2 adapters, and the microSD memory card with SD card adapter. It also comes with a user manual and quick start guide plus 1-year warranty and toll-free technical support with product registration.

What makes this Lorex Baby Monitor reliable is its automatic night vision. Parents are able to see their baby anytime whether during the day or night. It also highlights its multiple viewing options from single channel to scan mode and quad split-screen that allows viewing of images from 4 different rooms, if there are added cameras mounted in the house. The camera can cover images up to 450 feet with secure and free-interference signal. There is also sound-activated alerts feature that provides more assurance to parents.

Lorex Video Baby Monitor

Features and Specifications



  • Two-way communication technology, 100% digital technology for privacy, security, free interference and reliability
  • Presents a rechargeable, pocket-sized 2.4-inch super bright LCD screen and a rechargeable camera with automatic night vision
  • Has multiple viewing options: single channel, scan mode, and quad split-screen for 4-room viewing
  • Built with microSD reader to store photos up to 4000 and sound-activated alerts
  • Covers video from day to night up to 400 feet as its maximum range
  • Operated by lithium-ion batteries for energy-efficiency
  • Packed with 1 video monitor, 1 camera, 1 charging cradle, 2 adapters, 1 microSD memory card with SD card adapter, 1 rechargeable lithium-ion battery (for video monitor only), and a user manual with quick start guide
  • Offered with 1-year warranty and toll-free technical support plus product registration
  • Additional cameras (sold separately) can be mounted and connected to the screen


Customer Reviews and Ratings



With an average score of 3.1 out of 5 stars, the Lorex LW2003 Video Baby Monitor is either a good or bad product for users. That score indicate that half of the parents who have tried using it were happy, while the other half may have been more disappointed than contented. To see it for yourself, here are a few reviews created by owners of this video baby monitor.

For a score of 4 of 5, this parent gave what he liked and what he wanted to be improved. According to the review, the range was good, the screen provided clear and good color, and the ability to add more cameras. However, he would want to see improvement on the customer service and a much higher megapixels of photos captured through it snap feature.

Another user gave the likes and dislikes about this Lorex Baby Monitor. The pros included the good quality of the video, good range, two-way communication and little interference. What this parent didn?t like were the cheap plastic and unresponsive buttons, VOX not working which can affect the audio, and an annoying cradle. Because of those, the total score given was 3 out of 5.

Among the customers who gave high and perfect score, one parent shared the things she liked the most about the product. The Lorex LW2003 is ?an answer? to her prayers. She was happy with its night vision feature, low price, charger and the option to add cameras. Click here to read more customer reviews??

Overall, this Lorex Baby Monitor would be a great choice. It has features that are reliable in providing clear and high quality images plus the option to snap, store and share photos, and audible sound. It also works under low light conditions, which is a big advantage. The free or little interference is another feature that makes this product a good buy.

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