Lansinoh Affinity Breast Pump Review

Lansinoh AffinityThe Lansinoh Affinity Breast Pump is a BPA free, double electric breast pump. It means that any mother can express milk from either breasts simultaneously or both breasts at the same time. This is one feature of the breast pump which most mommies are looking for. Those who are busy may rely on using this since they can get more milk in lesser time. This Lansinoh Breast Pump further features a silicone edge that promotes comfort and a better seal to prevent milk from leaking (from the breast to the container). The flanges that come with the package are of standard size. However, you can also buy bigger breast flanges separately just in case you?d need a much larger size.

The Lansinoh Affinity Double Electric Breast Pump uses a closed system to prevent milk contamination, which is comparable to hospital grade breast pumps. The pump runs through electricity using its AC power adapter included or batteries that are bought separately. Either way, it works well for easy breastfeeding. You can still use the pump whether you are at home or away for some short trips or a long family vacation. More of this breast pump, there are several phases of suction and speed to choose from. There is a letdown phase as well as a regular pumping phase. Switching between phases is as easy as pressing the button.

Lansinoh Breast Pump

Features and Specifications



  • Double electric pump allows you to use either one nipple or both breasts at once
  • Adjustable suction and speed lets you choose your most comfortable pumping phase
  • Closed milk collection system assures you that milk is safe and uncontaminated
  • Pump comes pre-assembled for easy use
  • Guaranteed BPA free
  • Has built-in bottle holders to prevent milk spills and leaks


Customer Reviews and Ratings



Many users of the Lansinoh Affinity Breast Pump said that they found this breast pump to be a good investment. The parts were generally durable and usable every day for quite a long time. There are also some users who boldly stated that the price of this breast pump was relatively cheaper than most breast pumps they?d found. Others emphasized more on the quality and performance which were both largely very good.

One particular customer who had been using the Lansinoh Affinity Double Electric Breast Pump for a long time (and is still) said it?s comfortable to use. She said the flanges gave a good seal without leaving red, itchy marks on her breasts. To her personally, it was a safe and friendly breast pump to use not only for her but also for her baby. The parts from the pump cord to the bottle were made from non-toxic materials.

Another one stated that the pump was no doubt a very useful product to use. It was easy to remove parts, clean and assemble them back for another use. She actually had no problem to complain about at all.

There were also some negative reviews in regards to the use of the Lansinoh. Those unsatisfied buyers were saying that the breast pump made a loud noise when pumping. They thought it felt awkward to use it outside home because it would embarrass them. Most mothers would prefer to be alone when they need to get their natural milk and transfer to a bottle while they?re not at home. A few of them also said it?s too loud for the babies to hear while they were asleep.

Aside from those, there were also complaints about the suction being not as strong as it should be when the pump was operated by batteries. The bottles? fit on the bottle holders had also been an issue for some moms since they?d tend to wobble a little. Click here to read more customer reviews??

So, far the overall rating for this Lansinoh Breast Pump is 4 out of 5 which is not bad at all. Therefore, this breast pump for mothers would be a good buy. You may be one of those mothers who are currently looking for a reliable breast pump that is sold in a reasonable price. If you just nod for agreement and without any hesitation, you can consider this electric breast pump. As a caution, many other brands of breast pumps are sold with the same features at a budget-friendly price. The reason why you?re reading this, in the first place, is to find out how good or effective this Lansinoh Breast Pump might be. Well, you won?t find out the real answer unless you compare it with a few breast pumps. If in case you?ve chosen it, the answer wouldn?t stop until you have experience using it.

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