Kalorik Baby Food Maker Review

Kalorik Baby GourmetIf you are looking for a two-in-one baby food maker Kalorik Baby Food Maker can offer you a great deal. This is because it comes as single unit but has dual functions which are a steamer and a food processor. It can cook your baby food in just a few minutes (approximately less than 10 minutes). With this unit, you can prepare natural, all organic and healthy food for your baby. Just load in some vegetables or fruits with some meat or fish to get protein and iron. Let the baby food maker processes it without any preservatives.

Kalorik Baby Food Maker comes with a measuring cup, a milk container, and a stainless steel blade. The stand is made for sterilizing pacifiers, with a 2-position switch for easy operation. The water tank is a major part of this kit which can store water up to 8 ounces. The milk container lets you reheat milk as well as other liquids. All of these included items on the kit are BPA free. In fact, it is also FDA approved which means you can safely use it in making food for your baby. Other features of this baby food maker are 170/300-watt motor, and a user manual.

Kalorik Baby Food Maker

Features and Specifications



  • A 2-in-1 unit for 2-cup capacity ? steamer and food processor
  • Easy to operate in just a single of a button through its 2-position switch
  • Built with a high-speed stainless steel blade for food chopping
  • Comes with a clear 8-ounce water tank and a basket, a stand for sterilizing pacifiers, a milk container, and a measuring cup
  • Run by in-built 170/300 watt motor
  • Includes a user manual
  • Offered with a-year warranty from the manufacturer
  • BPA free and FDA approved



Customer Reviews and Ratings



The Kalorik Baby Food Maker, is somewhat a good product to several people, while not an excellent choice for others. That is very evident by the reviews and testimonials given by users who had first-hand experience of using and encountering advantages or issues.

Those who gave high 5-star score said that the Kalorik Baby Food Maker is a reliable unit to use. Someone said that it?s ?awesome and easy to use? as well as in cleaning it. It takes only a few minutes to create ?tasty food? for her baby. For that reason, she?d certainly recommend the product to buyers.

Another reviewer who gave the same high rating said the product is ?quality?. She didn?t buy it but someone gave it to her. So far, she?s ?very pleased? with this baby food maker.

Others agreed with the function of this baby food maker to steam and blend food in just a couple of seconds. That?s the biggest advantage most users have to say about the unit. For others, they didn?t deny that fact but had some issues, both a big and small to deal with. For example, one particular user gave 4 because there?s a defect ?on the small side? of the unit. Other than that, it does its job to produce food quickly. Another customer said this is an ?OK baby food maker?. However, it produced smell during blending and that?s a big turn off so she scored it 3 out of 5. A much worst review was from a user who said that 1-year warranty had already expired when she needed support when she only received the unit a month ago. Though it?s a shower gift, she was not able to use it so she gave a very low score of 1. Click here to read more customer reviews??

Overall, Kalorik Baby Food Maker can be a good buy. That?s because of its two functions which are steaming and blending. This means the basics of making baby food are offered because a parent only has to cook the food and blend it to produce puree. However, you may have to test use it in order to see how it really works. Check if there?s odor or burning smell when blending, like what some customers complained about, defects and others. For the price, this is a product that?s worth buying for.

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