Joovy Zoom 360 Jogging Stroller Review

Joovy Zoom 360Easy and quick to fold in seconds, the Joovy Zoom 360 Jogging Stroller has promising features that can make strolling or jogging fun for a parent and his or her baby. While provides a compact design when folded, this stroller has a high push handle, comfortable reclining seat, and beautiful canopy when used. It has a different stylish appearance that can catch the attention of by-passers and other joggers. At night or low light condition, the reflective package is a helpful feature. This stroller that carries a baby up to 75 pounds is manufactured in three colors: black, red and blue.

Going further to the features and specs, this Joovy Jogging Stroller is the ideal stroller for most parents. It has a one-hand reclining seat that is adjustable to unlimited positions in a high place for a much better view. The canopy plus rain/wind cover and 5-point harness are added for security and protection. Plus, the wheels have a spring/air suspension and a one-step parking brake for safe and useful, powerful stop. The wheel suspension system in alloy rims, consisting of a 12.5-inch front swivel wheel and 2 16-inch rear tires, is responsible for smooth ride. Added convenience is extra features which include the footrest that is made of aluminum, a neoprene parent tray with cup or bottle holders, and an easily accessible large storage basket.

Joovy Jogging Stroller

Features and Specifications



  • A single-seat stroller that carries a baby up to 75 pounds
  • Built with a high push handle bar, a high, and a big reclining seat in multi-positions and aluminum footrest
  • Designed with 12.5 front swivel pneumatic tire and 2 16-inch rear pneumatic tires in alloy rims with quick releases and one-step brake for parking (each rear tire has spring/air suspension)
  • Protects the passenger with its large sun canopy, 5-point harness on the seat, and a reflective package
  • Includes a neoprene parent try with cup holders, a sun canopy, a rain and wind cover, a running leash, a tire pump and a storage basket
  • Made of 6061 aircraft aluminum frame; Foldable
  • Available in blue, black and red color


Customer Reviews and Ratings



The Joovy Zoom 360 Jogging Stroller is a ?wonderful stroller? for one parent who had been using it. She stated how she loves the stroller from its easy usage to the light weight, seat to wheels with lock, and canopy to its height.

This next parent gave her review saying her son was first uncomfortable using this Joovy Jogging Stroller. That?s because there?s no tray in front which he?d used to. Yet, after several rides, he?d learned to love it. The parent was happy with the sun canopy and storage basket.

One parent said this particular stroller is ?the best? and ?very happy? with it. There?s no difficulty assembling and using it. Everything seems to be ?perfect? for her except that it?s not easy to unfold it. Still, she?d recommend it to other parents who?d need a reliable stroller.

Another description given by a customer is that the Joovy Zoom 360 is a ?fantastic stroller?. This parent had no problem with the features and function of the stroller. It is even designed in a ?stylish shape?. There?s no difficulty opening, expanding or closing it too. For her, it?s ?worth every penny?.

A parent agreed with other most customers about how useful the stroller is. The only issue for her is the absence of a child tray. The rest of the features are fine for her.

One last customer was complaining about the large size of the stroller. She bought it but found it to be not fit enough for her so she had to return it. Click here to read more customer reviews??

Overall, this Joovy Jogging Stroller would be a good purchase. A parent who has a good height is able to find this useful while she strolls or jogs. There are features that provide comfort and security to the baby as well. What you may only find to be a disadvantage is that there?s no child tray at all. If you compare it with other strollers of the same category, there may be a few better ones you will consider. Otherwise, use the parent tray where you can put your baby?s cup or snacks.

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