Jeep Overland Limited Jogging Stroller Review

Jeep Overland LimitedWhile you are working out, your baby can have a good ride and that?s what the Jeep Overland Limited Jogging Stroller has to offer. This is not just an ordinary stroller, but a jogging stroller with lots of features to promise. It is made of a fixed all-terrain bicycle front wheel and 16-inch rear tires that are air filled. The handle grip has hand brake included for a safe and reliable stop when needed. A baby passenger is more comfortable to ride for hours while sitting on the multi-position, reclining seat. He or she is secured with its included adjustable 5-point harness and safety tether too. In fact, it includes in-built reflectors that can be very helpful during night or low light conditions.

This Jeep Jogging Stroller has extra fun and convenient features. These include the ?Music on the Move? on the parent tray that enables the mother or father to play songs. It allows a parent to attach any portable audio units such as iPod and MP3 player. This can provide entertainment to both the parent and the baby. Another extra feature is the speed and distance odometer attached in the stroller which displays the distance covered and speed accumulated during a walk, jog or run. There?s also a child tray with a cup holder, and a parent tray with 2 cup holders beside the adjustable handle bar. To add that is a large storage basket for storing other baby stuffs and even parent?s personal items.

Jeep Jogging Stroller

Features and Specifications



  • A single-seater jogging stroller made of lightweight, aluminum steel frame and a super-grip, adjustable handle bar in multiple heights to angles
  • Includes a fixed front wheel and soft-ride 16 inch air-filled tires
  • Attached with a multi-position, reclining seat with a 5-point harness, safety tether, and reflectors for safety
  • Has iBaby sound system or ?Music on the Move? parent tray that provides music playing by attaching a portable audio gadget
  • Designed with a speed and distance odometer, an multi-heights adjustable handle with a brake
  • Comes with a child tray with a cup holder and a parent tray with 2 cup holders, as well as a large storage basket
  • Juvenile Product Manufacturers Association (JPMA) certified
  • Offered with a 1-year warranty on parts or materials and labor
  • Foldable stroller with the option to roll it


Customer Reviews and Ratings



One customer of the Jeep Overland Limited Jogging Stroller said that it ?could be rated as a 10? without difficulty if one of the tires don?t get easily flat. She had anticipated that the tires are quality enough since she seldom used it and only on roads.

Another person also said the same thing. This Jeep Jogging Stroller is ?good? but has ?cheap tires?. She found it to be not durable enough. The stroller also won?t become compact when folded.

Someone labeled it as a ?really great stroller?. The handle bar is smooth and sturdy for her. It also provides a smooth ride for her baby. Other things such as the wheels, cup holders and basket are also advantageous for her. There?s just fun using it for the both of them.

The Jeep Overland Limited is ?good but not perfect? for one parent. She admitted to like it in terms of riding performance but the fixed wheel was her problem. Other than that, it could take a lot of space in their car and for a long travel it wouldn?t be helpful if there?s other luggage to bring.
Another parent said this jogging stroller is ?great for the money?. She had no issues at all even though she didn?t specify the things she liked the most. Click here to read more customer reviews??

Overall, this Jeep Jogging Stroller would be a good purchase. It provides the flexibility and convenience needed by both the parent and the baby during a stroll. The portable audio gadget section is one interesting feature because not all strollers have this kind of add-on. Other than that, it has the basic safety and security features like the harness, tether strap, and hand brake that can maximize protection. Among the price bracket, this stroller is one to certainly consider.

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