InStep Safari Double Jogging Stroller Review

InStep Safari Double Jogging StrollerThe InStep Safari Double Jogging Stroller comes out with features that promise safety, convenience and easy usage. This stroller is exclusively made for two babies with padded seats that can hold 100 pounds (a maximum of 50 pounds each). Along manual swivel lock , it also includes harnesses to tightly secure babies during a walk, jog or run. Plus, adjustable rubberized handles with slip-resistance are attached for easy grip. The pneumatic high-performance molded tires (1 12-inch front swivel wheel and 2 16-inch rear tires) do not only ensure a smooth ride but also easy storage because they are removable. In addition, this stroller is made to have a dual trigger folding mechanism.

For added comfort, this InStep Double Jogging Stroller has a pivoting child tray and parent tray. Both can hold two cups so milk bottles are carried along with water for the parent. To protect babies from the sun or rain, the retractable canopy in 5 position options is made available. With an approximate weight of 30 pounds and dimension of 49 by 32 by 40 inches, the InStep Safari Double Jogging Stroller is useful anywhere, anytime. This stroller also appears stylish with its green and gray color or gray and green combo shades.

InStep Double Jogging Stroller

Features and Specifications



  • Made for strolling and jogging that carries two babies of a maximum weight of 100 pounds or 50 pounds each
  • Built with pneumatic high-performance tires (1 12-inch front swivel wheel and 2 16-inch rear tires) with a quick-release feature and dual trigger folding mechanism for easy removal and storage
  • Attached with slip-resistant and rubberized handles for easy and tight grip
  • Includes a pivoting child tray and parent tray with 2-cup holders
  • Added retractable canopy in 5 positions for protection against the sun, wind and rain
  • Designed in two styles: green and gray, or gray and green
  • Measures 49 inches by 32 inches by 40 inches (LWH)
  • Weights 37 pounds


Customer Reviews and Ratings



The InStep Safari Double Jogging Stroller received different reviews from numerous customers. Majority of them agreed with the usefulness of this double jogging stroller. Others addressed some issues but not seem to be very difficult to deal with.

One example of a review is from a grandparent who has 1-year old and 2-year old grandchildren. She and the parents of the kids love this stroller because it runs smoothly even on rough terrains. They also like the canopy as it covers the babies from the sun. Although it occupies some of the space of their trunk, this stroller is ?functional? for them. That?s why she rated it 5 out of 5 ? yes, a perfect score.

Someone said this InStep Double Jogging Stroller is ?great quality? and ?can?t beat the price?. So far, she?s no any complaints. She only specified that ?the storage compartment is good?.

Another user shared her own review by saying how she ?loves? the InStep Safari Double Jogging Stroller. There?s no any specific detail regarding what she likes or loves but this stroller is ?easy to push? for her. Despite of its easy usage, she said the stroller?s basket ?would be the only thing? she doesn?t like.

This next review is from a father who bought the stroller for his wife and kids to use. The customer service was ?excellent?, the ?cup holders? were ?perfect?, and the entire stroller seemed to be ?well built?. However, he complained about the seats and wheels. There seemed to be a problem with the positioning of the seats and the refilling of tires. At the end of his review, it?s still a stroller he and his wife like.

There?s also one more customer who had no problems with the handles, storage or seats but the tires. She complained about them being flat easily. That?s the issue she had when using the stroller. Click here to read more customer reviews??

Overall, this InStep Double Jogging Stroller is a good choice. It has spacious seat for any size and age of babies as long as the weight required is met. With durable parts that provide comfort and security, this stroller is reliable to use for strolling and jogging. It only lacks some entertainment feature unlike other strollers with built-in music speaker.

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