InStep Grand Safari Jogging Stroller Review

InStep Grand SafariThe InStep Grand Safari Jogging Stroller is a single stroller for moms who like to jog while taking care of their babies. This is made exclusively with all wheel suspension and seat space plus basic features of a stroller. The wheel system consists of 12-inch single front tire with remote lock out and 2 16-inch rear pneumatic tires with durable molded rims. All tires have quick release feature for easy transport and storage. The seat section is made of faux lambskin, comfortable seat pad and compatible with a lot of standard infant car seats.

For easy grip and strolling, this InStep Jogging Stroller has adjustable rubberized handle which is slip resistant. It is equipped with dual trigger folding mechanism that provides safety and exposed spring suspension for a smooth ride. To add more convenience, this stroller is manufactured with a molded parent tray that includes holders for two cups and a pivoting child tray with two cup holders too. There is also an MP3 speaker built with it.

Packed in a lightweight, compact design, this jogging stroller is only 49-inch high, 43.75-inch wide and 23-inch depth when unfolded or 22.75-inch high, 24.5-inch wide and 25-inch depth when folded. It also comes in stylish design: gray/yellow, tan/pink, or yellow/gray.

InStep Jogging Stroller

Features and Specifications



  • A single stroller for walking and jogging
  • Designed to be compact and lightweight (around 33 pounds)
  • Built with 12-inch front swivel with remote lock out when and 2 16-inch rear pneumatic tires with molded rims
  • Equipped with a seat section: faux lambskin comfortable seat pad; Accepts any infant car seats
  • Made with a dual trigger folding mechanism and exposed spring suspension
  • Includes a large canopy hood, a molded parent tray with 2 cup holders, a pivoting modled child tray with 2 cup holders, and an in-built MP3 speaker
  • Has adjustable rubberized handle which is slip resistant
  • Measures 49-inch high, 43.75-inch wide and 23-inch depth (unfolded) or 22.75-inch high, 24.5-inch wide and 25-inch depth (folded)
  • Available in gray/yellow, tan/pink, and yellow/gray color


Customer Reviews and Ratings



One customer said that the InStep Grand Safari Jogging Stroller ?does its job? but somewhat ?clunky and heavy?. It?s also ?easy to assemble? but difficult to find the fold button.

Someone said that she was excited to buy this particular brand of stroller after she made her own research of various strollers. Because it was affordable to her, she bought this InStep Jogging Stroller. She found it ?easy to assemble? and ?love the look? of the stroller. However, tires got flat only after several runs. That made her conclude the wheels were ?poor quality?.

Another user has a contradicting statement regarding their use of this same baby stroller. She thought it?s ?stable?, while the things she liked included the front wheel with lock, the push button on the handle, the strap, and the trays. She also added that ?this is a perfect stroller for long walks?.

The InStep Grand Safari is a ?great buy? for one other customer. She also claimed it to be an ?inexpensive jogging stroller?. For that price, it?s too ?stylish, smooth and easy to handle?. Her daughter also loved it so she?d recommend this stroller.

Another parent agreed with the review above because she said it?s a ?great jogging stroller for the price?. Although a bit bulky, she still found it to be useful in terms of pushing and turning it. The front wheel was indeed a big help because of its lock feature.

This last reviewer also admitted how she loved and great the stroller is. There?s no difficulty moving it but kind of heavy for her to lift it up and place it in her car even though it?s folded. Yet, she?d ?highly recommend? it as well. Click here to read more customer reviews??

Overall, this InStep Jogging Stroller would be a good purchase. The wheel suspension has lock feature that is able to help the user control it smoothly, conveniently and safely. The handle bar is also a good addition for a smooth, controllable ride. For baby?s convenience, the comfy, spacious seat with footrest plus canopy and some extra features like the MP3 speaker and tray holder can complete it all. It will be really worth every dime!

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