Hygeia EnJoye Breast Pump Review

Hygeia EnJoyeThe Hygeia EnJoye Breast Pump is one of the more expensive breast pumps on the market these days. That is probably because of the features which the manufacturer claims as reliable and beneficial to mothers. One of its features is the closed milk collection system that assures users their expressed milk remains uncontaminated despite being pumped outdoors. Aside from that, it is also a portable and lightweight product to carry by moms. It comes with a stylish shoulder bag, so any mother can just grab it whenever and wherever needed. This breast pump by Hygeia is durable too for a longer use. It can be used frequently without worrying regarding part replacement, leaks or damages.

Now, even if some of the parts of the Hygeia EnJoye break, you can have it replaced free of charge. This breast pump is covered by a 3-year warranty. Working with this breast pump may be a comfortable and easy experience. Milk storage may not be a problem too, since the pump comes with a cooler to match the tote that it comes with. This Hygeia Breast Pump can run on electricity or the use of compatible batteries. This is the feature that most moms look for when they intend to use and own a breast pump which they can use outside home.

Hygeia Breast Pump

Features and Specifications



  • Operated by either electricity or batteries ? Charges itself while plugged so it works when unplugged, without batteries
  • Created with closed milk collection system ? Assures milk stays safe and free from bacteria
  • Can be safely shared with other users
  • Has a recorder for baby?s noise to help mothers in pumping away from home
  • Easy to clean
  • Does not require much effort to assemble
  • Comes in a fashionably designed bag for better and more comfortable carrying


Customer Review and Ratings



The Hygeia EnJoye Breast Pump has been given an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 by users who have bought and used it. This breast pump was referred to by some users as a ?hospital grade pump? at a budget friendly price. A lot of mothers agreed that the breast pump?s closed milk collection system was very helpful. The included recorder was somehow useful to them too. They said it allowed them to record their babies? cries and other noises which helped them a lot in pumping while away from their little ones.

One mother was also happy using her own Hygeia EnJoye. She said she was able to collect more milk because of the larger size of the container. Another one said the same thing about expressing milk. She compared it with one of the breast pumps of Medela. Her finding based on her experience was that the Hygeia?s pump for breastfeeding mothers was a lot better.

Someone also said it was a good breast pump for a frequent use. However, she added that it would have been better if there were added silicone breast flanges. For her, it would be an additional comfort and ease to feed her baby. Despite her suggestion, she rated it perfect 5 anyway.

There were also some mothers who said that the breast pump could be better off without the recorder. One other thing that a few customers disliked about this particular breast pump is that it?s more discreet to use than other brands. It could provide sounds when pumping but it?s not as loud as the sounds that other breast pumps make.

Another downfall of this Hygeia Breast Pump according to two mothers was that milk could tend to get stuck in the filter. Every time that happened the breast pump also began to stop working. It was not practical for them when other breast pumps would do better. They even added and advised to purchase a spare filter to avoid hassles.

One more issue addressed by somewhat not satisfied users was that milk could back up in the pump?s tubing. A mother who proclaimed to use the Hygeia EnJoye said she replaced her filter several times because of milk back up issue. Click here to read more customer reviews??

Overall, this Hygeia Breast Pump would be a great pump for those who want a breast pump that can be used for the long run. It could be a good purchase for mothers who pump exclusively and frequently. However, do not underestimate or be too confident in making a choice. It?s still better to compare this breast pump with other brands that have almost the same features or similar specs. It makes your option easier whether this breat pump is really a good choice or not. It is possible that you become a happy or unsatisfied customer.

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