Graco True Focus Video Baby Monitor Review

Graco True FocusThe Graco True Focus Video Baby Monitor comes in stylish design and white with gray border finish. It is portable and lightweight which makes it a device that is easy and simple to set up. It does not only offer a quick installation but also provide reliable and secured functions. They give parents the assurance needed in monitoring their babies during sleeping.

For technicalities and functions, the Graco True Focus is equipped with secure digital technology. This video baby monitor primarily highlights a 2.4-inch color video screen and a camera that covers up to 1000 feet (maximum video range). The camera has battery backup that becomes useful during power outage. Its battery also is reliable to use even when there?s electricity. The color video screen provides high resolution, clear and quality images. It also has real-time digital zoom up to 2 times to provide a more up-close view of a baby. With the 2.4 GHz frequency equipped with it, this Graco Baby Monitor enables parents to both see and hear the baby within 1000 feet. All these features are going to meet the security and privacy needed by parents to check on their baby during his or her sleep at anytime of the day.

Graco Video Baby Monitor

Features and Specifications



  • Engineered with secure digital technology that provides high performance, clarity, privacy and flexibility
  • Presents 1 2.4-inch high resolution color video screen and an easy-to-stand camera
  • Designed with a 2.4 GHz frequency for clear audio and image quality
  • With real-time 2x digital zoom for clearer and up-close view
  • Comes with a battery backup for emergency case or power outage
  • Covers up to 1000 feet


Customer Reviews and Ratings



Several users of the Graco True Focus Video Baby Monitor gave their honest and helpful reviews. Some of them were happy and gave high scores, while others addressed a few issues and complaints. Both are important for buyers to know so they have expectations and answer whether this particular product of video monitor for baby is reliable to use or not.

For a score of 4 out of 5, a review was given by a parent who shared the pros and cons of this Graco Baby Monitor. The clarity of picture is there, the clock feature is nice but small, the infrared is clear and good as well even during dark situation. Even the zoom and pan feature is reliable. The sound or volume quality is not also a frustration for this parent, plus there?s no interference at all. What this parent didn?t like about the video monitor is the video that ?is a little bit choppy? plus the sound won?t be turned off if they only want to view their baby. Another disadvantage discovered by this parent is the keypad buttons won?t really work. There were other cons this parent shared but the review provided is fair enough for buyers like you.

One parent also bought this video baby monitor. This parent was ?surprised at the video quality for the price?. The sound quality was ?very good? as well as the volume levels to choose from. This parent would recommend it to other parents who are looking for a digital video baby monitor.

With a perfect score of 5, this parent would ?not ask for anything more? because they were happy and contented with the features of the Graco True Focus. In fact, it?s a ?great video monitor at a great price? for them. They?re able to check on their baby without any picture and sound issues.

There are also parents who seem to be not happy with the features and functions of this Graco Baby Monitor. One of them scored it 2 out of 5. As advertised, this video baby monitor is supposed to cover a long range but when they used it, it won?t reach any longer than what they expected. This parent also added that ?the picture quality? wasn?t good either.

A much lower score of 1 out of 5 was given by a parent who had complaints. The ?main button stopped working? just after some months and the range to capture video was not long. Click here to read more customer reviews?

Overall, this Graco Baby Monitor would not be a great buy. It does not have night vision which is extremely important to have because most parents would like to have clear view of their baby at night or during low light conditions. Babies tend to sleep in low light conditions as well. Plus, there?s no lullabies to play that could help keep a baby fall into or back to sleep.

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