First Years BreastFlow Breast Pump Review

First Years BreastFlowThe First Years BreastFlow Breast Pump is a personal breast pump that has a compact and sleek design. The pump is small and lightweight so it?s portable, while the overall design is meant to let a user pump hands free. This is as long as the collection bottles are placed on a flat surface. The placement of the handle allows moms to pump both breasts even with the use of only one hand which may result to multitasking. Furthermore, the First Years Breast Pump can be plugged on to an outlet. This is practical for pumping at home at any time of the day. There?s also an option to use batteries for power interruption or outdoor use. It definitely has the capability to operate using 4 AA batteries.

This breast pump also features a flexi-fit breast shield that provides comfort and ease while pumping. It is a particular feature that gives proper fit for mothers of any size. Also, this The First Years breast pump has eight different pressure levels that users can choose from. Mothers can have a comfortable pumping in this case. This breast pump is sold with a stylish blue or brown bag to accommodate all accessories such as the pump, bottle, AC charger, batteries etc. In fact, it has room for other baby essentials like extra diapers, bibs and clothes. Upon purchase, the First Years BreastFlow Breast Pump includes a free bottle cap and nipple for easy replacement of suction cups.

First Years Breast Pump

Features and Specifications



  • Works on both electrical plugging and battery uses ? easier and handy to pump anywhere
  • Has 8 pressure levels ? meet comfort need of mothers in pumping
  • Pump is made of sleek and compact design for easier use with one hand, both hands or no hands at all
  • Has flexi-fit breast shields ? prevents nipple pain and sore
  • Easy to assemble, clean and store
  • Comes in a stylish travel tote to carry while on the go


Customer Reviews and Ratings



The First Years BreastFlow Breast Pump got fairly good reviews from most users. Many users agreed that this pump would not only discreet in size but could not emit loud sounds as well. When compared to other breast pumps, this made them feel more comfortable and at ease when pumping in public. Another thing that most mothers loved about this pump is it?s a lot cheaper than other breast pumps but still gets the job done as expected. Those happy owners shared stories of their own and explained why they like it better than other brands.

One example is from a user who thought this brand of breast pump was a good product. She admittedly said that this pump had great suction. It allowed her to express about 30 ounce of milk simply by pumping for a few times only in a day.

There was another one who could not decide whether to rent or buy the First Years Breast Pump. She went for a purchase and just thought if it might worth it. According to her, it did! She was very impressed of how well the overall performance was. She also added that she?s still using it up to these days.

If there were satisfied owners, there were also moms who didn?t think it was a great purchase or investment. There were some cons that those moms noticed about the First Years BreastFlow. The first one is that it would not allow them to pump with one breast. They would always have to pump both breasts instead. Another downside addressed by unhappy customers with larger breasts was that the flexi-fit breast shields did not fit theirs. It completely made the whole pumping experience uneasy for them. That?s why they gave a not so high score for The First Year?s breast pump. Click here to read more customer reviews??

Overall, the First Years Breast Pump is somewhat a good choice but probably not the most reliable. If you have to compare with other products that have a few issues, it may let you easily decide whether to buy it or not. It can be recommended for women who want to have a breast pump that they can take with them and use virtually anywhere. It?s obvious of how portable to use it because of the included bag, portable design, etc. When it comes to performance level, it would categorically make you think twice. This is also recommended for busy, working moms who need to multitask while pumping milk. However, this breast pump is not recommended for exclusive pumpers. You must list down your needs and preference. Then on another column the good features you think this breast pump. That way you can make a better evaluation if it?s a good purchase or not.

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