Evenflo Simply Go Breast Pump Review

Evenflo Simply GoThe Evenflo Simply Go Breast Pump is a breast pump that exclusively works either by plugging it in an outlet or by using 3 AA batteries. It is a small and portable breast pump that is handheld. It is useful for any moms who just want a breast pump that they can use anywhere. Because the breast pump does not come with a bulky separate pump motor, it can easily be kept in a diaper bag along with other baby essentials. Like other modern breast pumps, the Evenflo Simply Go is sold cheaply that?s ideal to take with you during travels.

Most mothers look for a breast pump that is manufactured with a soft insert that?s made of silicone to provide them more comfort in using a pump. The good news is that ?this Evenflo Breast Pump has soft silicone breast flanges. In fact, all parts of this breast pump are BPA free. Cleaning this breast pump is easy too as most parts are dishwasher safe. It also has an adjustable vacuum so any users can adjust it to their most comfortable level or preferred setting. Moreover, milk storage is quick and easy since this breast pump comes with a 5-ouncecollection bottle.

Evenflo Breast Pump

Features and Specifications



  • Compact and portable design makes it easier to take while on the go
  • Adjustable vacuum allows user to choose the most comfortable setting
  • More convenient pumping experience with its soft cushion inserts
  • Non toxic, BPA free parts for babies? safety use
  • Dishwasher safe parts make cleaning much easier
  • Easy to assemble with its helpful twist and lock system
  • Comes with free disposable breast pads and an additional overflow valve


Customer Reviews and Ratings



Many previous and existing users of the Evenflo Simply Go Breast Pump said that the pump worked well for them. A lot of satisfied mothers of the pump commonly said they experienced no problem with sore nipples. It was very safe for them and that?s one major reason why they chose it in the first place. Another thing that moms loved about this Evenflo Breast Pump was that they could pump milk without using two hands. They said it was comfortable and easy. It would give them do other minor things with the other hand while expressing milk.

One particular mother who had used it for quite some time said that the breast pump?s suction was very strong. Even when she would put her pump on a low level, she was still able to express a lot of milk. Another user said that the pump was indeed easy to assemble but fitting the parts together took her some time to perfect it. There?s a mom who shared that it was too comfy to bring anywhere. She only had to buy a bag that is compatible with it since the item was not bought with a tote included. It was an overall good breast pump for her too. One more mom told her story regarding the use of the pump. It was her second time to breastfeed a baby using a breast pump. She said that her first breast pump gave her lots of issues but with the second one it was not the same. She only had two problems using it.

Others also gave feedback but more on the negative sides of the Evenflo Simply Go. Most of their complaints were not really about the performance but still something to consider before making a decision. One customer complained that her breast pump made noises that were too loud so she was not able to use it outside the house. Another user said that she was only able to use it for a short period of time. Her reason was some of the parts broke and she didn?t find that practical. It annoyed her to keep replacing parts over and over again. Click here to read more customer reviews??

Out of 5, this breast pump was given an average rating of 3.7. With that said, this Evenflo Breast Pump is a ?just okay? pump. For the relatively cheap price, the performance of this product is satisfactory. This breast pump would be a good purchase for mothers who only pump once in a while and not frequently or regularly. If you are looking for a reliable breast pump which you can use only for a few times, it could be an option that you must not ignore. If you are a mom who needs to breastfeed a baby on a regular basis, it may be better to look for other brands. Whatever your situation is, if you are here to find out how big or small the deal is with this breast pump, you probably have the answer right now.

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