Combi Twin Sport Double Stroller Review

Combi Twin SportEasily folds in a few seconds, the Combi Twin Sport Double Stroller is a side by side design stroller made for babies and toddlers from 6 months to 2.5 years old. It features a reclining and adjustable wider seat with breathable air-mesh fabric footrest. Both seat cushions are removable and washable too. The seat space is also compatible with Combi?s Shuttle 33 infant car seat. As expected, the seat has 5-point harness with safety boot for added comfort to infants. This stroller has a few extra features which include a removable guardrail with a child cup or snack holder on each side, and a parent cup holder on each side of the handle grip. There is also an adjustable canopy for each seat with a storage pocket, viewing window and a designer lining.

In sunset scribble or graphite scribble design, this Combi Double Stroller is the ideal stroller for parents with twins or two young kids. It is lightweight, easy to stroll and fit through different standard doorways. While it easily and compactly folds, the stroller can stand on its own as well. It only measures 33.25 inches x 29.75 inches x 39.25 inches (HWD). All in all, it is a typical double stroller for babies with a maximum weight of 45 pounds each.

Combi Double Stroller

Features and Specifications



  • Lightweight, compact, easy to fold double stroller with a carrying strap
  • Designed with a washable and removable seat cushion on each side that holds a baby up to 45 pounds; Accepts Combi Shuttle 33 infant car seat
  • Has a 5-point harness system, footrest, an infant safety boot and all-wheels suspension (3 double front wheels and 3 double rear tires)
  • Includes? an adjustable canopy, a removable guardrail with cup or snack holder, a storage pocket, viewing window and designer lining
  • Fits through standard doorways
  • Measures 33.25 inches x 29.75 inches x 39.25 inches (HWD)
  • Available in sunset scribble and graphite scribble design
  • Recommended for 6 months old to 2.5 years old


Customer Reviews and Ratings



There are happy and disappointed customers who bought and used the Combi Twin Sport Double Stroller. Their stance is evident by the way they gave their personal reviews and opinions. Reading this kind of review is helpful for potential buyers to figure out how helpful or disadvantageous a particular product is for them. Speaking of, here are several reviews by parents who tested and proven just how helpful or unreliable this Combi Double Stroller is.

A parent said in her review that everything she?d been looking for in a stroller was what this Combi Twin Sport offered. These included the side-by-side design, lightweight, easy to use and fit through standard doors, fully reclined, comfortable seats, and cup and snack holders. Other than her personal criteria of a good stroller, her daughter loved riding in it.

Another parent also loved this double stroller. She heard some complaints about the storage, the lack of cup holder and the difficulty to push the stroller. For her, the storage was not small because she thought it could hold various baby stuff including blankets and jackets. The cup holder missing was true but she didn?t find it a very big problem because she could buy any cup holder that can be attached in the stroller. With its maneuvering, she also found no issues pushing it on bumpy or cracked roads. Her final verdict was it?s a stroller she had no complains at all.

One was also satisfied using the Combi Twin Sport. She said it?s an ?excellent product, very easy to handle, open and close?. For her, it is also ?cheaper? than other branded strollers. Click here to read more customer reviews??

Overall, this Combi Twin Double Stroller would be a good buy. The basic features of a double, side-by-side stroller most parents want or need are offered. It is only deceiving to read such features and descriptions about the stroller with a cup holder when there?s not according to some owners. That can really disappoint buyers if they are searching for a stroller with extra features like that. However, like what one customer said, it?s not a big issue to deal with when you can buy a separate cup holder and just attach it. With that said, this stroller is still a practical choice to consider.

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