Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller Review

Chicco CortinaThe Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller is not just a simple stroller for one kid but for two kids! It is also designed to accept 1 or 2 keyfit infant car seats. Of course, it has two rear seats attached on them, one on the front and another at the back. Both seats are fully reclined to give convenience and better view once babies are seated on them. Moreover, they are padded so any baby can comfortably sit on them plus the harness is able to secure them from falling. To protect babies from the sun?s UV rays, wind and sprinkle of rain, there are removable and adjustable canopies included which are easy to set within seconds.

Strolling is also simple and convenient when using this Chicco Double Stroller due to the built-in tires and handle grip. The tires on the front are dual locked for a strong push forward. The wheels at the back are individual tires. All tires are not retractable but the entire stroller is foldable in one quick step, which makes storing and transporting easy too.

There are extra features of the Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller. One of them is the cupholders which are placed on the front on each side. It also has a basket with zipper situated on the back end of the stroller. This can fit extra milk, water snacks, toys and even stuff used by parents like books and phone. There is also armbar, on each side as well, which can be interchanged that provides more convenience to babies.

Chicco Double Stroller

Features and Specifications



  • Accepts 2 keyfit seats (1 rated keyfit and keyfit 30 infant car seats)
  • Fully reclined padded seats with armbar and harness
  • Protects babies against the UV rays of the sun, wind and rain with the retractable and adjustable canopies
  • Included are cupholders situated one each side of the armbar
  • Comes with a zippered basket for storing items
  • Easy to push with the all-wheel suspension and height adjustable handle
  • Foldable in 1-quick step
  • Designed in red and gray color


Customer Reviews and Ratings



While the descriptions and features of the Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller are beguiling, the reviews of customers can make a bigger influence. You won?t have any idea on how really useful a product is unless you hear it from people who have firsthand experiences. So, let?s bring out some reviews given by parents who have owned and used this double stroller.

A parent started off her review by saying this Chicco Double Stroller as ?an excellent stroller? for twins and if there are 2 keyfit car seats. She liked how easy to place 2 keyfit car seats in them. Even if the stroller is quite a bit heavy and big, she had no problem putting it in their car. She?s also fascinated of how helpful the basket, cup holder and handle are. What she didn?t like the most is assembling it so she recommended reading the user manual.

Another review is provided by a mother who said it?s her first time to be a parent of twins. This Chicco Double Stroller was exactly what she needed. She bought after reading some helpful information until she was convinced. So far, she?s happy with the stroller.

Someone also said the stroller was easy to handle and turn plus it?s not very light to carry two kids. It?s not also difficult to carry or store in the car trunk. Overall, it?s a stroller every parent would like for her.

This next parent cannot hide her excitement and some disappointment too in using the Chicco Cortina. She didn?t complain about how easy to attach car seats and fold it. Her big issue was the size and weight which she called it to be ?heavy and bulky? because that could be painful ?in the wrist to push and turn?. Click here to read more customer reviews??

Overall, this Chicco Double Stroller would not be a bad choice at all. It has harnesses, great seat with the option to attach car seats, cup holders and basket. The entire stroller is easy to store and carry because of its one-step folding feature. There seems to be no problem with the canopies as well.

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