Baby Trend Sit And Stand Double Stroller Review

Baby Trend Sit And StandThe Baby Trend Sit And Stand Double Stroller speaks for its name. It is the stroller that lets a baby on the front to just sit still and enjoy the ride, while a much older toddler can stand at the back. That does not mean there?s only one seat for one passenger. The seat at the back is definitely optional so there is still an attached seat at the back. In fact, the seats can be used as an infant car seat too with the option to use Baby Trend infant car seat, which is sold separately.

Pushing this stroller is conveniently fine because of the all-wheel suspension and easy-to-grip handle bar attached on the frame. The front wheels are dual, while the end rear tires are individualized. There is also a foot-activated rear brake built with it, which a parent or a babysitter can easily access in a matter of seconds.

In addition, this Baby Trend Double Stroller has safety features. It has 5-point harnesses that can further protect and secure both babies from falling. For added convenience, there is a parent tray with cup holders and a child try with cup holder too. This stroller can hold 40 pounds each for at least 2 and 1/2 years old.

Baby Trend Double Stroller

Features and Specifications



  • Made of a front car seat and a spacious room at the back for standing with a seat included too
  • Accepts the usage of Baby Trend infant car seat but sold separately
  • Built with all-wheel suspension (dual tires on front and individual tires on the other end)
  • Designed with foot activated rear brake and 5-point harnesses for security
  • Includes a parent organizer and a child tray with cup holders both
  • Holds 1 baby and 1 toddler of a maximum weight of 40 pounds and at age 2.5 or below
  • Available in grey mist color


Customer Reviews and Ratings



The Baby Trend Sit And Stand Double Stroller received different opinions and remarks from parents who have been tried using it. There are customers who have used it for a short time. There are also others who have proven it to be useful for the long time they?ve been using it. In fact, there are still some of them who still use this stroller.

For one particular parent, she claimed it to be a ?great stroller? that it?s ?easy to set up, fold? and use. What she liked the most is the function of the front seat and the back part in which a toddler can stand or sit. She also added that the strap?s helpful for securing her babies. As a result, she ?would recommend? it to her family and friends, and clearly to other buyers like you.

This Baby Trend Double Stroller is what someone?s needed that?s why she bought it for her two daughters. Her girls ?love? riding in it. She only wished that the storage underneath was more accessible and the seat to be more comfortable.

One customer talked more about the disadvantages she discovered including the poor customer support service. She said it?s ?not so good? when she needed to replace the broken footrest. In addition to her complaints, the ?storage basket? wasn’t easy to access.

Another disappointed customer said she bought this Baby Trend Double Stroller because of what she read. Once it was delivered and ready for use, she found how difficult it was to push the stroller. It gave her some back aches and shoulder pain. Yet, she liked that it?s easy to fold and store.

One more review that?s given a high score is from a parent who said this stroller is ?amazing? and she ?loves? it. She didn?t elaborate further or specifically of what she liked the most but sounds as she found it useful. Click here to read more customer reviews??

Overall, this Baby Trend Double Stroller is a good buy. That is if you are looking for a stroller that?s not exclusively for twins because it obviously requires a baby and a toddler. Two babies who cannot stand may not be ideal for them to use this. If it?s for siblings with a closed gap age then this stroller is useful.

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