Baby Trend Expedition Jogging Stroller Review

Baby Trend ExpeditionThe Baby Trend Expedition Jogging Stroller is a single jogging stroller that provides flexibility, security and comfort. It has primary stroller features which include a fixed back infant car seat, all-wheel suspension, handle, storage section, and cup holders. The seat is a multi-position and reclining padded one with EX Flex-Loc base and an adjustable 5-point harness and a tether strap for security. For additional comfort, there is a footrest with reflectors on the sides. It basically accommodates a baby from 5 to 30 pounds with a height of 30 inches or less. Attached with it is an adjustable canopy that includes covered sunroof ratchets. The wheels, on the other hand, consist of a single front swivel tire with lock and two larger bicycle rear tires.

As mentioned, this Baby Trend Jogging Stroller includes cup holders and storage basket. Both holders are made for placing cups, bottles and snacks. The child tray with 2 cup holders is situated on the front, while the parent tray is behind the handle with holders for 2 cups also. The storage basket is covered which is used for other baby items or parent personal stuff.

This jogging stroller is easy to use while on the go. It has ergonomic foam padded handle for easy grip. The frame is lightweight made of steel construction. While it can fit through many standard doorways, this jogging stroller is easy to fold for a compact and quick storage.

Baby Trend Jogging Stroller

Features and Specifications



  • A single stroller travel system in millennium style; Easy to fold and store
  • Made of lightweight steel frame
  • Has a multi-position, reclining infant car seat (padded) with EX Flex-Loc base, 5-point harness, tethered strap and footrest plus reflectors
  • Includes a lockable front swivel wheel and 2 bicycle rear tires
  • With ergonomically-shaped foam padded handle, adjustable canopy and sunroof ratchets
  • Comes with a child tray with 2 cup holders, a parent tray with 2 cup holders, and a covered storage basket
  • Carries a baby from 5 to 30 pounds with a maximum height of 30 inches or around 76 centimeters
  • Certified by JPMA


Customer Reviews and Ratings



One customer shared someone was ?extremely happy? using the Baby Trend Expedition Jogging Stroller. The stroller was bought as a gift for her sister who was pregnant at that time. It means her sister was the one who claimed to be happy with this stroller. Her sister said that the travel system was ?quality? and for her, the price was suitable to her budget.

Another customer was happy with the use of this Baby Trend Jogging Stroller. It ?was a great buy? for her and her husband. They were looking for a stroller with a seat that can be used also as a car seat for their truck. She also further narrated that the seat?s ?soft and comfy? for their son.

For one other parent, this stroller is ?excellent and lightweight?. It has durable wheels and the red lever seems to be useful for her. The car seat, storage and cup holders were also pros for her. She also added how easy to carry it into the car and use on the road. She had no problem with it whatsoever.

This Baby Trend Jogging Stroller was also purchased as a gift by this next reviewer. She gave it to their niece who would have a first baby. According to her niece, the stroller was compact and easy to use. She totally agreed and said it?s a ?great price and excellent gift?.

For one customer, this same stroller doesn?t have a good car seat. She said it ?does not recline? and isn?t safe for newborn babies.

Another complaint is about the wheels that have to be filled with air every month. Despite that, she thought the Baby Trend Expedition is a ?nice? stroller and ?works great?. Click here to read more customer reviews??

Overall, this Baby Trend Jogging Stroller is a good purchase. If you are looking for a single-seat stroller, this is an ideal product to choose. It has 2 cup holder for the baby and another tray for the parent. There is also enough security and safety system built with it (harness, strap, canopy and lock on wheels). Plus, the design is not a problem for fitting through doorways and storing it anywhere from cabinet to closet.

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