Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller Review

Baby Jogger City MiniThe Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller is made for two babies because of how it?s designed. It features two padded seats with five-point harnesses that are reclined to an almost flat position. Each seat has attached vented seat top, a mesh back and a weather-proof cover. Other than the cover, this double stroller has retractable canopy with windows for protection against the UV ray of the sun. As expected, this stroller includes a set of wheels, 2 swivel front wheels with dual lock and 8-inch EVA rear tires with sealed ball bearings. The EVA wheels are lightweight and quick-release for easy storage.

Available in orange gray, green gray, crimson gray, and black, this City Mini Double Stroller is not only manufactured to be stylish but also lightweight and durable. This has Patented Quick-Fold Technology for easy folding and storing in just a single step. For added convenience, there are baskets attached underneath each seat. Plus, storage with compartments behind each seat is made available. A user can also disassemble the seat for placing it in the car?s passenger seat. As it holds a maximum weight of 100 pounds, this double stroller can fit through a standard doorway. When folded, it only weighs less than 30 pounds. One other interesting fact about it is that it?s awarded with the PTPA Media Award.

City Mini Double Stroller

Features and Specifications



  • Highlights Patented quick-fold technology and patented universal accessory mounting bracket
  • With lightweight quick-release 9-inch EVA rear wheels with sealed ball bearings, and swivel front wheels with lock
  • Attached with adjustable reclining padded (places at a near flat position) with a mesh back, a vented seat top, and 5-point harness seats
  • Includes a retractable weather cover and an adjustable multi-positional sun canopy with clear-view window on each seat
  • Has compartments behind the seats and a basket underneath the seats
  • Fits through a standard door
  • Holds up to 100 pounds of weight (50 pounds for each seat) and weighs only 26 pounds
  • Foldable and adaptable with an adapter for car seats
  • Awarded as the PTPA Media Award
  • Available in orange gray, green gray, crimson gray, and black


Customer Reviews and Ratings



The Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller has pros and cons according to customers. The reviews provided indicate how useful or bad this particular product is.

A parent shared a list of pros and cons regarding the City Mini Double Stroller. The pros include easy-to-push feature of the stroller through different types of terrain from grass to gravel and pavement, as well as foldable. It also includes the large enough, fully reclined seats, supportive backs of the seats, adjustable straps, sun canopies, lock of the front wheels, large mesh organizers and rubber grip handle. The cons are the basket which is hard to access, expensive accessories and adapters that are sold separately.

One other customer gave a review by listing down the pros and cons of this particular double stroller. She had the same pros about how easy the stroller to use, how light the weight is, and how compact the design is. She also wrote down the parts of the stroller she likes. For the cons, she included the price to be ?very expensive? and even the separate accessories are not affordable. The basket also doesn?t have a good size for getting items or storing them in.

Another user said she was searching for a double stroller that?s lightweight and flexible. She found Baby Jogger City Mini to be the answer of her inquiries. It rides smoothly, folds easily and secures her babies. She has no any complaints even if the basket seems to be a little issue for her. Click here to read more customer reviews??

Overall, this Baby Jogger City Mini is a good purchase. It can accommodate two babies which are fair enough for its price. There are harnesses, covers and canopies that can protect the babies. There is also enough storage for keeping foods and toys for babies as well as other items for parents. Unlike other double strollers, this one has 2 pairs of removable wheels which make strolling easy and convenient.

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