Baby Chef Ultimate Baby Food Maker Review

Baby ChefLabeled as 5 machines in 1, the Baby Chef Ultimate Baby Food Maker is designed to chop, blend, steam, make puree, and reheat food for babies. It is designed in two major functions (steamer and food processor) from side to side. For food processing, it primarily highlights the stainless steel 4-point blade that chops and blends foods. With a jar plus a storage lid for easy resealing and storing in the refrigerator, this is the side where a user can produce puree or smoothie. The steamer, on the other hand, features a basket that steams or reheats vegetables, fruits and other baby food produced. In fact, it can reheat milk in a bottle too. Whatever a user needs to make, it only takes a few minutes to complete the process since there is a line of soft, easy-to-press buttons on the unit.

Furthermore, the Baby Chef Baby Food Maker has a safety feature that automatically shuts down the unit if the water begins to evaporate. Designed in a compact but durable construction, this baby food maker is easy to use, clean, store and carry anywhere. The unit includes BPA free materials, which are a spatula, a measuring cup, an insulation spacer, a processor lid, tongs, and a processor jar with a lid. It also comes with a recipe booklet, a user manual and a 1-year warranty.

Baby Chef Ultimate Baby Food Maker

Features and Specifications



  • 5 machines in 1 ? a chopper, a blender, a steamer, a puree maker, and a reheater
  • Consists of a large food processing jar with a storage lid and a container for steaming
  • Includes a measuring cup, a spatula, a user manual and a recipe booklet
  • Comes with an insulation spacer and a basket for steaming or reheating foods as well as warming up milk in a bottle
  • Built with a safety feature for automatic shut off during water evaporation
  • Easy to use and operate with its soft and safe buttons
  • Offered with a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer
  • BPA free; Materials are top-rack dishwasher safe



Customers Reviews and Ratings



As of these days, the Baby Chef Ultimate Baby Food Maker garnered an average score of 3.7 out of 5. Several owners shared their personal stories and encounters regarding the use of this particular product.

One customer marked this baby food maker with a high 5-star rate because it?s ?easy to use, and clean?. Despite its high price, this is an item that produces quality food for her.

Someone disagreed with other reviewers because they said this baby food maker ?doesn?t work well? but for her it?s the opposite. She had proven just how useful this product was in terms of performance and speed. She also added that everything included (pertaining to accessories) was easy to clean. She?d definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for a reliable baby food maker.

Another user gave a high rate and claimed Baby Chef Baby Food Maker to be a ?great product and a great tool?. For pureeing and steaming, this is exactly what they needed for feeding their baby.

One other owner shared how ?fantastic? this product is for her. It?s been months since she?s using this and so far she was not yet disappointed. All of the accessories and cord holder are fine to her.

There?s also a customer who thought Baby Chef is not a bad choice at all. That?s because it does make food whether for blending, pureeing or steaming. She only wished that the processor and steamer would have been bigger to hold more enough amount of food. Click here to read more customer reviews??

Overall, this Baby Chef Baby Food Maker would worth every dime. It is a unit that does 5 things in just a split of a second. Any mothers, and fathers too, will be happy to use it because it won?t consume a lot of their time. Regardless of how busy they may be, this baby food maker is reliable to use in producing healthy and tasty food. The way it?s designed is really the big advantage because it can function not only one or two but five! So, where else would you invest your money?

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