Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump Review

Ameda Purely YoursThe Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump is designed to be a light-weight and portable breast pump. It promises mothers to have a breast pump at home or even while on the go. That makes it easier, more comfortable and more convenient to use. This product is a double electric breast pump. Mothers can no longer need to manually stimulate the breast to produce more milk because this breast pump does all the working. It also has a strong suction power that gets more milk out in half the time. It?s fairly easy to use for any mother at any time!

Designed with FDA approved Ameda HygieniKit Milk Collection System, the Ameda Purely Yours has the capability to prevent milk contamination. This is surely a unique feature that is often ignored by a lot of users or mothers for this matter. Moreover, the system works through its barrier located between the parts of the pump where breast milk passes through. This kind of milk collection system is often used for breast pumps that are of hospital grade. This Ameda Breast Pump can be powered by an AC adapter, a car adapter or 6 AA batteries. Another useful accessory included on the kit is two knobs. One knob is for the adjustment of the cycle and the other one is for suction power control.

Ameda Breast Pump

Features and Specifications



  • 3 Power options to choose from for easier and more convenient use anywhere
  • FDA approved and BPA free parts to assure safety for baby?s use
  • Ameda HygieniKit Milk Collection System for the prevention of milk contamination
  • Comes in a handy Carry-All tote and AC power adapter
  • With two knobs for cycle and suction power adjustment
  • Has built-in bottle holders for both breasts pumping
  • Low maintenance; easy cleaning and replacement
  • 1-year warranty but only for electronic breast pump parts


Customer Reviews and Ratings



Most users of the Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump have claimed that this breast pump was simple and easy to use. Cleaning it was not that hard to do too. Basically, there are only 4 breast pump parts, including its bottle, to wash, rinse and sterilize. A lot of mothers also liked it because it was way cheaper than other breast pumps that have the same features or of similar quality. Aside from that, most moms rated it as a good quality, budget friendly and safe breast pump to use. Their positive testimonies were all based on their personal experiences. Most of them actually gave perfect 5 stars and others somehow rated it with 4 stars.

One mom said that this breast pump could express milk quite quickly without getting pain on the nipples. Another user said that the motor built in the Ameda Purely Yours is quite powerful. The batteries can run up to six 30-minute pumping sessions, which is a good thing if you pump only one breast at a time. Many agreed that this Ameda Breast Pump is a reliable and safe pump to use for both mothers and their babies.

There were some moms who seemed like they were not that satisfied. A lot of those only rated it for 2 stars and even 1 star! Those mothers who did not give a high rating explained that the beeping sound of it was less discreet and it?s annoying. Another downside of the breast pump by some users was that the parts could easily break after a long-hour or heavy use. They would need to replace some parts of it in a short period of time. This could interrupt their breastfeeding sessions. In the end, it would make any babies cry and crave for more. That?s not very comfortable to them at all. Click here to read more customer reviews??

Basing from the customer reviews, ratings and comments, this Ameda Breast Pump would or would not be a good purchase. If you are looking for a hospital grade breast pump for personal use that is budget-friendly at the same time, this particular product should be included on your buying list. It is not a good product to buy if you weigh more on the comfort level because of the noise it makes. However, you must be thorough in selecting breast pump as far as convenience, safety and investment are concerned. That means that adding the Ameda Purely Yours on your list of choice is not a bad idea. It can help you decide on which product to buy if you are able to compare it with other breast pumps. Since it is not recommended for a long-term and heavy use, considering this breast pump only becomes one of the good choices if mothers are doing mixed feeding for their babies.

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